Friday, August 31, 2012

Blue Moon Red Moon

I know Hubby doesn't read my blog, but just in case, Happy 10th Anniversary!

Not only is it our aluminum anniversary, but it's also a Blue Moon. Cool...

This morning Hubby gave me the best present ever!!! There was a card with a tin foil heart he cut out followed by sex and a spanking! It was more than amazing. I'm fairly certain that was the best sex we've ever had.  And then this evening he gave me diamond earrings. Oh boy am I spoiled rotten! I gave him a framed picture of a word cloud of the new vows in the shape of a heart. I made it at Tagxedo and used the colors from our wedding.

Tonight we go to a restaurant on the beach, followed by a walk on the beach. Then we go to a small wine shop where I've made a reservation (because the place is always crowded) and that's where I will read to him my (updated) vows. It is going to be a magical evening!

Have a great weekend! (((hugs)))