Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Day the Laptop Died

I've got to be quick with this post. My laptop may black out any second, leaving me even more frustrated at all the words I've lost. My poor, old, decrepit 2004 MacBook... I got her when I was pregnant with my son and she's been my companion in good times and bad. We've started businesses, failed at businesses, learned to blog, learned the ways of social media, skyped, and explored the depths of Google together. She's kept me warm, whether I wanted her to or not. She's put up with my accidents; spilling coffee, dropping her on the floor, letting the babies bang on her keys and drool on her monitor. She's put up with my on-purposes; tearing her apart, wiping her down, blowing her out, and putting her back together again, always somehow leaving me with one extra screw. She's been a longtime friend. I will miss her when she finally kicks it. Until then, I plan to take as much advantage of her as possible.

I won't replace her with another MacBook because, honestly, we have all PC's and going Mac was part of my rebellious streak. Yeah...see how I am? I am such a trouble maker! I also drink decaf, just so you know. I may be a bad influence on you, so watch out! While I'm trying to not hit the keys too hard for fear she may black out for the last time, I'm searching for aptoplays (it's pig Latin. Shhhhh! She may get angry). She's been quite temperamental in her old age. I imagine she's 80 in MacBook years. She's had more upgrades than Joan Rivers has had facelifts. She's been a trooper through it all, which makes it all the sadder? more sad? whatever!

Hubby is suggesting that I go to Office Depot and Best Buy and write blog posts to test keyboards until I find one that is comfortable. I don't need my laptop to do much since I have a pretty powerful computer in the office. I just need to get online, read and write blog posts, maybe do a little online shopping. I don't need much power, I just need a comfy keyboard. Maybe do a little Skyping...maybe... What do you use? Do you have a favorite?


  1. No advice, but I feel your pain. Being without your trusty laptop is the WORST!

  2. I have been addicted to my computer lately, so I am cringing for you. Good luck in your search for the model. I have a Mac and I can't go back to PCs, but many people I know feel much differently. :)

    1. oops, new model.....

    2. I am completely tech dependent. It's gonna be way too hard to post something from my phone...

  3. I feel your pain. My laptop died a few weeks ago.

    Good Luck with your hunt for a new one.