Saturday, September 15, 2012

Arnica and the Assopractor

Hubby and I like to see the chiropractor. There is nothing like an adjustment to have you standing taller and feeling looser. So when Hubby said my spanking was going to be more like an adjustment from the chiropractor, I jokingly said that he's my ass-opractor. Well, I think it stuck. He is my adjuster and he is very good at it. Yesterday morning I was singing all the way to work. "I've got sunshiiiiiiine on a cloudy day!" Yep. I was definitely well adjusted.

I was also not bruised or sore in the least bit. Arnicare, the brand of arnica gel available at most drugstores, is a MIRACLE. I could not believe that something so...well...homeopathic...could work so well. I am amazed every time we use it. That's not to say I use it all the time. There are times, especially in the beginning, when I liked to feel the after effects the next day as a reminder that Hubby truly cares about me. But since most of our spankings are adjustments, erotic, and/or motivating, there hasn't been much need in me for that.

Now for a confession. Ugh. Season 3 of The Vampire Diaries came out on Netflix yesterday. We watched the first 2 seasons together, totally sucked (no pun intended) into the 9021ohI'mgonnasuckyourblood of it all. I personally think Ian Somerhalder is quite yummy, even though he's got an almost unibrow thing going on. Goodness gracious, Damon and Elena be a couple already. The sexual tension is killing me!

Okay, back to my confession. So Hubby said he doesn't care if I watch the entire season 3 while he's gone for the next 2 weeks. Oh yeah, did I mention that he'll be gone for the NEXT 2 WEEKS?!?! He's got a business thing he has to do across the country. We are going to miss him terribly. Argh...

What was that? Oh yes... Hubby said I could watch season 3 while he is away, but only 2 episodes a night. He doesn't want me to stay up too late, especially since I am the one who has to get up with the kids and take them to school and go work out and go to work, etc. Well last night I kinda watched 3 episodes. My justification was 3-fold really. 1. Hubby hasn't left yet. 2. Hubby was throwing up last night and went to bed early. 3. Ummm...Well I know I had a third one but I can't remember it.

When he asked about it this morning, I totally told him the truth, along with my justifications, and he bought it. He just laughed. I fell asleep through the third episode. I didn't get to bed until midnight 30. But he's here, so it's okay, right? The more I've been thinking about it, the more I realized that Hubby let's me off way too easy sometimes. I don't disobey very often and when I do, I'm pretty good at justifying it. But my justifications for last night weren't very good. And I knew I was being disobedient when I did it. After a couple glasses of wine, my justifications sounded good enough to me. I'm literally shaking my head at myself right now.

Which brings me to the "ritual" of our spankings. Lillie had, on her previous blog, wondered if any of us had a ritual that goes along with ttwd. Well I'm not sure if what we have is a ritual or not, but it typically goes something like this: I am laying on the bed, in various states of undress. Hubby rolls me over onto my tummy if I'm not their already. He starts a warm up with his hand. It's usually very light and increases in intensity. He likes to see how far he can push me (and I like it too). He brings out an implement, usually the "motivator" (leather paddle) or the hairbrush or the spoon, or a combination of them. He spanks me on one cheek until I'm squirming and kicking and just about screaming. He massages it and then starts spanking the other cheek until he reaches the desired result. We go a few rounds and then we get very passionate.

Usually after we are done, he'll ask me about the spanking. Was it the right intensity? Was it too long? Too short? Too thudy? Yesterday he told me that he has become a pretty good gauge of the strength he has to use to produce the desired results. His strength on a scale from 1-10, is usually around a 1.5-2. I was in shock when he told me that. I can't imagine what a corrective spanking would feel like. My guess is that it would hurt a lot. I would probably cry. And I would never want to get in trouble again.

I know the days of corrective spankings are coming. It's only a matter of time as we evolve in ttwd (or DM - Domestic Motivation), or so I've heard. Over and over I've read of husbands unwilling to take on HOH and discipline at first, and then after they see the results they are "all in". So I know it's coming. In the meantime, I'm going to enjoy what we have...our version of ttwd, my Assopractor, and arnica.



  1. LOL
    When I read your title on my blog - I couldn't wait to find out what you were talking about.....but that is really, really funny.
    I like your hubby immensely, LM, and I can see why you love him so much.

    You sound great!
    Really, really happy and hubby too. I am so very, very happy for you, Sweetie :)

    My first experience with a punishment was because of a low fuel light in my vehicle and Ian snapped. It is an old pet peeve and I thought he was joking. When he told me to go upstairs - I actually snorted and laughed at him.
    Let me tell you this -
    1. always keep plenty of fuel in your vehicle
    2. try to avoid punishment like root canals - in my experience they are terrible - and I like maintenance, so I'm just putting that out not go there...

    Knowing that hasn't helped me stay out of trouble one bit. :(

    You and your assopractor and your giant tub of arnicare enjoy yourselves, well when hubby gets back....
    and big hug

    1. I remember reading about the low fuel light. I'm not supposed to let my tank get under 1/4, but that's because it can burn out the fuel pump which is another expense we don't need.
      It's gonna be a looooong 2 weeks. It's only been 6 1/2 hours so far and I am ready to crawl into a hole. I can't wait til he gets back.
      So when are you opening that bed & breakfast? lol!

  2. Very cute! My husband still says no way on the punishments and I'm starting to agree, despite my original interest in DD. I mean, if spankings are so great, why ruin a good thing? But like you say, maybe it will naturally evolve...

    1. From what I've read on several blogs and comments, it's just one of those things our stubborn men do. They start off appalled that we would even want that, then they experiment, then it goes a little farther, and one day they do it, they decide something is a punishable offense. Then, they see the changes in us and decide that this punishment thing isn't such a bad idea after all. Or so I've read...
      I am also starting to think I don't want to be punished...ever. The guilt that I had has been waning into a desire to just forgive myself. Hubby won't punish me for my past, and I shouldn't either.
      I like what we have right now. Ttwd feels natural and comfortable.

  3. H does not allow me any creams or lotions, before or after. That's just our way, just sharing the difference.
    H let me get away with some things like your episode thing. One episode is not that drastic. Then he got very strict and then he relaxed a bit. It's just a way for them to fid their way in this.
    Our first ritual was the same as yours. I hated laying flat while he spanked me. But in hindsight, it was good b/c it wasn't the way I wanted, but the way *he* wanted.
    H asked me a lot too, to "rate the spanking", lol. If I were you, I'd be VERY, VERY good! ;-)
    I like your positive attitude- the Ps come down the road. But look out girl! Stock up on that cream! :-)

    1. The great thing about ttwd is that it's different for everyone. I'm finding out what ttwd means to us and realizing that I like it very much. It's what works for us. I wasn't real happy with lying flat at first either. But for us it's very intimate. I don't think corrections will be done that way, but I can't speak for Hubby. It's for him to decide how he wants to take care of such things. I'm going to try not to find out. :)

  4. Very clever post title :) Made me smile! I know!! I just love arnica too. That stuff works like magic, I always have some on hand. It's wonderful on a sprained ankle! It's great that you two have found what works for you both in ttwd. If I were you, I wouldn't be in any hurry to get a punishment spanking! I don't think you'll like it! What your doing now sounds wonderful! If it ain't broke.......

  5. hi i came over here from Cowgirl Up's blog... which i only recently found cos she came over and left a comment on mine.

    anyway, i'm so with you on the watching too many episodes thing. i don't start work till 3pm most days so i've gotten into a habit of saying goodnight to BIKSS (who is married and living with his own family - yes yes, it's an illicit affair) and then staying up late to watch my shows.

    he isn't happy about it cos i end up being lethargic and grouchy if i get woken up too early unexpectedly the next day.

    heh. he's now put a bedtime curfew on me. heh. i guess i had it coming.

    we do D/s or ttwd i guess, not dd. and so far our spankings have been similar to yours. i'm not sure why you think that you're headed towards a real ouchy punishment / correction spanking, cos it seems you're getting all the adjustment you need out of what you have right now.

    hopefuly this keeps you on the right track and you'll never have to suffer worse :)

    (we don't do punishment either. just maintenance, and stress-relief, aside from the Good girl spanks and erotic ones... and that seems to be totally enough for us.)