Tuesday, May 28, 2013

TnT Brings on a New Rule

All I can say right now is ouch. Every time I sit down. Ouch! This was a TnT to remember. I couldn't believe how much there was to go over even though we had just talked a few days before. Hubby is getting the hang of wearing his HoH hat. Well...I did ask for it...

This TnT session is brought to you by the letter Ow and the number...I lost count.

When Hubby has a mind to, he can get downright talkative. If it weren't for the fact that he makes so much sense... Those swats can really get to a girl after a while. While I didn't cry this time, I surely wanted to by the end of it. I even thought I might need more and he gladly assisted. Yeah...I don't know what I was thinking.

Our topics of discussion were:

Projects: Surprise, surprise! I spent the better part of last week cleaning up after my last project, the bedroom painting. The bedroom looks great by the way. Unfortunately, the contents of it spilled over into the dining area. I was instructed to clean that up as well as the rest of the dining room just for good measure. I did not do that without complaint however. But he's just  happy that it got done. The takeaway from this? No more big projects without proper planning. Divide the project into smaller ones so it will get done eventually without messes left behind.

Procrastination: What? Who? Me? Ha! Okay. Okay!... I procrastinate like it's an olympic sport. I have a lot of work to do and a lot of people counting on me. My employees need me to keep things going. My family depends on me working. And we've got a big thing coming up soon and not much time to get stuff together. No more procrastinating! To that end, a new ruleI am to be up and out of the house by 8:30, 9 at the latest. But don't I dare wait until 9 to leave because I am to check into Hubby's office (he owns his own business as well and has an office space to himself) no later than 9:05. If I am late, I get greeted by the cane (because it's quiet and won't alert the neighbors). I'm thinking being late would be a baaaaaad idea.

Deception: Yes, we needed to address the deception I tried to hide over the project. I was supposed to move everything out of the room except the furniture. That way, when it was getting painted, there wouldn't be a whole lot to trip over. Also, the idea was to move out and then move back in. Well that's not what I did. But I tried to conceal that fact. What I did was move everything to the center of the room. I tried to put everything on the bed and what didn't fit was shoved next to it. I felt horrible about trying to deceive him. The fact that it was a purposeful act made me feel all the more guilty. How do we deal with guilt? That's right. Bring on the closer! OUCH! I will not try to conceal, lie, or otherwise deceive Hubby. I am to be honest about all things. Period. Guilt gone? For the most part. When I think about what I did I feel so ashamed. I keep asking myself "Why?" but I don't have the answer. What was I thinking? I don't know. I hope I never do it again. The lying needs to stop. I don't know where it came from or why it continues, but I have got to start being completely honest. And it's little things. It's not like I'm trying to hide something terrible. I've been doing this since before ttwd, so it's not like it's a new thing. Do you catch yourself in lies? What do you do about it?

Glad that's over. Let's hope I make it to his office in time!



  1. Well it sounds like you both learned a lot from your talk and tap session! It's good when our husbands find their Hoh caps and stick them firmly on their heads. I know I respect mine so much more now. I have fallen in love with him like it used to be when I was a starry eyed young girl. I can't imagine life another way now. Much love, sara

  2. I have a very similar projects problem. When I read your fantasy boot camp, I cringed a little, realizing the chaos I inflict on my family...

    Glad your husband is stepping up.


  3. I hope you made it on time this morning!! So, it sounds like he liked how the bedroom came out...just not the accompanying chaos. Live and learn;)

  4. Sorry Irishey! I did it again! Stupid big thumbs... I accidentally deleted your comment. Here it is:

    Irishey has left a new comment on your post "TnT Brings on a New Rule":

    Oh, Project Lady! I need you over here! ;-)

    Do I lie to my D? No. Do I withhold some things, therefore lying by omission? Yes. Why do I do this? There are two reasons, or rather, two types of info I don't or rarely share, and each type for a different reason.

    I try to avoid throwing out the truly mundane. Discussion of those things takes away time from all the more important things. Occasionally, I may abuse my notion of "mundane," but just as often I overestimate a topic's importance. :-/

    I don't like to initiate, or continue/prolong conversations about things that make him uncomfortable. It's not healthy for him from a medical standpoint. I also use care not to seem as though I am hiding things in order to coddle him because of the health thing, because that elicits its own unhealthy response.

    There are a few other random things I don't discuss any longer, or rarely visit, even though I would like to, because he likes to consider a topic closed once it is closed in his mind.

    Having described these omissive issues, I have to say that I CAN tell him anything. He's my best friend, and he wants to know my stuff - even if he doesn't like the topic. My choices are from care/concern for him, but to be completely honest there is a touch of avoidance in there, too. Sometimes, I choose wrong. Sometimes, I choose for the wrong reason. I like to think I am always trying my best when filtering, but sometimes I don't truly consider the issue - I let auto-pilot do its thing. I should be better about this, but until I am perfect, ahem, I will simply keep trying to remember to try harder. After all, he's worth it. ;-)

    Good post, lm. I like how you chew on a topic! Good luck on that procrastination thing. It sucks. :-( Lol!


    1. Lol! I wondered what happened. I posted and it poofed! That fed my suspicion that blogger is out to get me. Thanks for catching it. I was going to recreate it, but only as a means to indulge further in my own procrastination mode. Hugs!


  5. Looks like things are moving in the direction that you want to with you hubby. I have found that ttwd is just as much about the personal journey as it is the journey with each other. We discover so much about ourselves and why we do certain things, or acknowledge that we do certain things that we didn't before.


  6. Hey LM, ouch! Sounds as though he is getting the hand of wearing his HoH hat!

    It sounds as though you both learnt some things from this though. This really is a journey of personal discovery as well as discovery as a couple. Glad the bedroom turned out well and hope you made it on time!