Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Disastrous Disrespect

Oh boy did I get in trouble the other night! While my excuses (I was hungry, I was on the third day of my diet, and I was very unhappy) were valid, my attitude was not. You see, earlier in the day, Hubby's friend came over and was talking about how his 7 year old daughter has been asked to be a spokesperson for a mega-company. I said that I would love to get our 6 year old daughter into something. Hubby said "NO!" It was firm and that was that. I tried to say something but he just said no again. I left the room, feeling a little hurt and embarrassed. I went to my room and snuggled with my daughter. Hubby came in later and asked what we were up too. I was snippy and snappy but it put an end to the questioning. Before he left, we had a short discussion about dinner. Apparently he forgot the discussion we had in the garage earlier about dinner. So I texted him what I already said, only he never read it.

I laid down and fell asleep for about 20 minutes. When I awoke, I was in a downright pissy mood. I was hungry and where was he with dinner already? I opened the door to the garage to see if he had already left and he was still sitting there with his friend, yukking it up. I was livid. I told him I thought he had gone to the store already and followed it with a "GOOD NESS!!!" before slamming the door. Now he was livid.

Hubby came into the house, told me we needed to talk RIGHT NOW and motioned me into our room. He shut the door and started to lay into me (verbally). I'd never heard him yell so loudly. He wouldn't let me say anything. He scared the crap out of me. I was in trouble and it was BIG. When he stopped yelling, I said I was sorry. He left and I laid in my bed crying. I was so confused by all the emotions bombarding me. I was scared, hurt, confused, but worst of all...guilty. I had brought this on myself. Regardless of me not getting a say and there being some miscommunication, I was undeniably in the wrong.

Later, after the kids went to bed, he was intent on doing a TnT. We hadn't done one in over 2 weeks because of his travel, and his father staying with us a few days. Hubby noticed that without it, I distanced. I try to become independant instead of leaning on him and I get frustrated. I start to feel neglected. I get angry and belligerent. Without this connection, we are lost to each other. He needs me to need him. He said it's the most wonderful feeling in the world. He wants to help me let go of all these negative emotions, especially the one's that I use to tear myself down. He wants us to stay close to each other. I want that too. It's just that getting to that place is the trick. I need consistent maintenance. That's consistent, not constant.

So we both learned a lesson here. I need to watch my attitude. He needs to not neglect me (a topic for which he apologized again and again). I need to respect him. He needs to love on me. And then we will be Happy, Happy, Happy... lol. Couldn't help myself.

One bummer thing happened. The "Closer" broke. I ordered a new one though, and a couple other implements that I will share with you when they arrive.

The moral of the story? Whatever you do my friends...
(you could get a paddle broken on your!)

Take care and (((hugs)))


  1. Holy cow, that Closer demon broke over your bottom? Should I be worried whether you will sit again, or impressed? Oh, wait, YOU bought another. Ne-ver-mind. @..@ Lol!

    I like the bear photo (I know, but I still like it!), but I'm really sorry you were so out of sorts, and that you were scared, hurt, confused, and cried. Sounds like things are still a little volatile, but he seems to be finding his HoH stride. I think this discussion sounds like an "aha" moment for both of you, or an aha you revisited.

    Happy, happy, happy! Lol! ;-)



  2. Oh gosh, I would have been scared of the yelling, my hubby is not a shouter really. That paddle looks nasty, good job it did meet it's end!!
    love Jan. xx

  3. may thing be better today... :-) hugs

  4. Hey LM,

    Ohmigoodness, you broke the closer? Ouch!

    I'm so sorry this happened and that you were feeling scared and confused. It sounds as though it resulted in some good learnings for both of you in the end and for that I am happy for you. Rick says the same thing to me about needing me to need him.


  5. my professor rarely, if EVER, yells. so when he does, i freak out a little. a lot actually. the first thing that comes to mind is "is he going to leave me?" and of course the answer is a resounding NO! but still it runs through my mind. he just has to let loose too sometimes and yelling works for him....or, it did in the PAST.

    now? now he uses the dd method. lol and you know what, it works beautifully. keeps me where i need to be, and where he needs to be.

    i'm sorry your day was so bad. i hope it gets better and for goodness sake, don't poke the bear! lol