Thursday, November 15, 2012

No Comment

HOLY COW!!! Where the heck have I been??? Well, let me tell you...I have gone completely insane lately.

First of all, I have been reading y'all's posts...well, until the past week. I found that while I loved the writing, I just had nothing intelligent to write back, so I didn't comment. That lead to some introspection about why I was feeling too inadequate to comment, which lead to me saying "screw it", and some of you emailing me to ask if everything was okay. Yes, everything is okay. I've just been inadequate and very busy.

I decided to go to school to become a nail tech. WHAT?!?!?! But you already have your own successful business and a fabulous Hubby and two beautiful little people... Aren't you too busy to go to school right now?

Yes. Yes I am. But, I'm doing it anyway. Without a creative outlet, I have a hard time coping with the rest of my life. Weird, huh? I'm a much happier person when I'm doing something crafty/girly/beady/knitty/etc-y. And you know what? I'm having fun. I'm meeting some wonderful people and I'm having a great time learning how to put on tips and do acrylics and gels, as well as all the steps to manis and pedis. Best of all, it's taking my mind off crappy things that are happening.

Crappy stuff happens to you too? Huh... I guess we can't be immune to it. I tell you what though...Ignorance is bliss. I'm much happier not knowing things. If the world is going to hell in a hand-basket, I have no desire to know. I don't watch the news. I don't read the paper. My employees tell me stuff sometimes. Really, I'm good not knowing.

Back to other things...Why am I going to school? Because I want to be able to volunteer my time at nursing homes/care facilities and do manis on old ladies and talk with them about the good ol' days. I have a soft spot for them.

And what is happening with DD? Nothing. We are just kind of back to normal. Almost like it was a phase. Don't get me wrong, some things have changed a lot. Hubby is still HoH. But my submissive nature mixed with his kindheartedness means that there is no 2nd D. There's just the first one mixed with some erotic spanking on occasion (if I ever get off my stupid period! I swear that ever since I got this IUD, I've been spotting or ragging the entire time. It's been almost 2 months!). That's what makes this ttwd I guess. I'm done trying to change him. He will change when he thinks it's time to and no sooner. He is in charge after all.

It is time to put my babies to bed. I hope you all are having a good night. I promise I will try to comment on your posts, even if it is just to give you ((hugs)).


  1. Hi Chelle!!
    So happy to see a post on your blog! I really missed you and missed coming here to visit you.
    You are a very selfless person, taking a course to visit elderly ladies and give them beautiful nails. I am honoured to know you.
    You made my night.
    big big hugs and love

    1. Awww...Lillie you are so sweet! ((((hugs)))

  2. Hey Girl!

    I get the creative outlet. I feel most happy that way too. I also understand spending time with people who visably need you. There is something so selfless, yet there can be a self fulfilling aspect to it. So it is a win win
    The inadequate comment has me concerned. So here I go, climbing up on my soap box, to yell in your ear- First off missy NO ONE is inadequate, least of all you. If it wasn't for your bravery to come out first to your husband and then to blog- I wouldn't be doing ttwd. No, you were not the first blog I came across, BUT your husband reminded me most of my own husband, so I bit the bullet. EVERYTHING you have to say means a great deal to not only me, but lots of other women, living ttwd or not! Consider yourself chastised! you


  3. I agree with is so sweet of you to volunteer at nursing homes and give some older ladies company. I always like watching older couples. How they hold hands, and how the old men are still gentlemen and try to hold doors open and everything else while holding on to their walkers. sweet :)

    You must be quite the crafty person.....I am *trying* to be. The boys and I have been trying our hand at making home made Christmas decorations....we are a sight. Glue and glitter...everywhere, but it is fun!

    So glad you are back!


  4. That is a very worthy cause! Everyone loves to look and feel their best at any age. The sparkle in someones eye is a precious gift for a good deed.

  5. You're going to love working with the elderly. At first it can be a little difficult but in time the rewards you feel are immeasurable.

  6. Hi LM, It's great to see you post, I missed your posts. I am glad to hear you are learning something new that appeals to your creative side and that you are enjoying it and meeting new people.

    I think it's lovely that you are doing the course in order to volunteer at nursing homes. So selfless of you.


  7. Hey there! It's so good to see you here again. It sounds like things are really hectic...but in a good way. I totally understand your creative outlet need...I have that too. Actually, I recently learned how to sew and now I can't stop. Eats up a ton of my blogging time too! Even though nothing is happening on the DD front, I think you are taking the right approach...just don't let him forget how important it still is to you - if it is. Not pushing is really important, but if you want it to happen in your relationship you can certainly still be discussing it. I understand how you feel you've done your part and now it's up to him. So I hope he starts to take advantage of some of the tools you've given him;)
    p.s. - and Wilma's right!

  8. Glad to know you're okay! While at a nursing home I saw an elderly gentleman painting his wife's nails for the first time. He was frustrated with the job he was doing, but she was delighted. You will be a big hit and will surely hear lots of wonderful stories. This is a lovely thing to do!
    Take care,

  9. Hi, LM. Just making rounds. I've been busy, and behind, and, and, and...full of excuses, I guess.

    So, I read this post, and all the things you do and manage, the things you think about, the fact you blog about it. In the midst of all this accomplishment and desire to do better, be better, I see you say you're inadequate. I had to blink twice.

    You're not inadequate. Don't ask me how I know, or say I can't know that because I don't know you. Just know that I know things, and go with that. Or, read your own posts. Don't you admire that gal? ;-)


  10. Hi LM,
    I don't think I've introduced myself yet, but I've been reading your blog and I'm going to actually say "hi" today.

    You and your hubby sound exactly like Will and I. I think I'm okay with it, because frankly I just don't need discipline per se. We just needed a readjustment in our marriage - me stepping down so he could step up, is how I like to say it.

    Will is HOH and he's getting to be pretty good at it, but as for the 'corrective action' stuff - well, apparently I just don't need it. The few trial 'role affirmation' spankings were pretty fun, lol, but just seemed to be kind of "why are we doing this again? We're both doing just fine in our roles." So, the erotic stuff is in and the 2nd D in DD just doesn't seem to be necessary.

    And we're super happy. Respectful, laughing all of the time, trust is blooming - so, in my case, ttwd is awesome. :) Hope it is for you, too. I felt MUCH better about all of this after I read your post, btw. Makes me truly realize that each couple does this the way it works best for them.